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The EEvCarrier™: State-of-the-Art Science

The filter paper used with the EEvCarrier™ is pretreated using ultra-high purity solutions that eliminate lead and all heavy metals, as well as the chance of any contamination. This super-clean filter paper is uniquely effective in heavy-metal blood-level screening, as it’s the only filter paper that can ensure the readings acquired from it are from the blood sample and only the blood sample.

The EEvCarrier™ is a completely self-contained blood-collection device, designed to prevent metal contamination both prior to and following blood collection – including a built-in desiccant to absorb moisture and facilitate drying. Before and after blood collection, the card is sealed in plastic to protect the desiccant and the sample during transportation.

EEvCarrier™ Dried Blood Spot samples are analyzed using leading-edge technology called Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry [ICP-MS]. ICP-MS can detect miniscule traces of lead and other heavy metals within a sample with extreme speed, precision, and accuracy. ICP-MS first ionizes the sample with inductively coupled plasma, then uses a mass spectrometer to separate and quantify the ions. It’s a powerful instrument for analyzing a wide range of metal elements.