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COVID-19 Antibody Testing


Apply a few drops of blood to our collection packet and return the collection in our prepaid, safe envelope. Our lab will run the results for the presence of IgG. You will be able to view the results online within 3-5 days. We determine the exact levels of your IgG.
If these levels indicate that you may still have the virus, we will call your primary care provider and you immediately. If you are negative, and you haven’t been exposed, we will promptly inform you of the results.

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Diagnosing COVID-19

Diagnosing the COVID-19 vital infection relies on two major methodologies: identification of the viral RNS using polymerase chain reaction analysis and serological immunoassays that detect viral-specific antibodies (IgG ).

The IgG antibody appears around day 14 after the infection has begun and as symptoms resolve. The IgG can then determine if there has been a previous infection with or without clinical symptoms. This is important because it indicates a probable immunity to future COVID-19 infections.


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