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EnMed MicroAnalytics is an infant-health screening services provider created around the development of our proprietary EEvCarrier™ – the only screening solution that detects any levels of lead and other dangerous heavy metals accurately and easily [i.e., without a blood draw] in newborn babies, young children, and even pregnant women.

At Enmed Microanalytics, Our Mission Is:

  • Toxic exposures to lead and other heavy metals contribute to tens of thousands of preventable cases of mental retardation nationwide. EnMed has developed a proprietary heavy metals analytical device and screening methodology that will permit simple and inexpensive lead and heavy metal screening of every pregnant woman, newborn, and older infant. This proprietary technology complies with currently used newborn metabolic screening programs that are routine and mandated in every state and most developed countries.
  • We have also developed and market retail packets to test home and school water supplies, whether well or municipal supplied water. Every child has the right to be born and develop without being burdened with the adverse effects of toxic lead or heavy metal contamination.

Headquartered at the South Carolina Research Authority [SCRA] in Charleston, SC, the EnMed Lab is certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments [CLIA], and led by Edwin Naylor, Ph.D., M.P.H., a High-Complexity CLIA-certified Lab Director.

Meet the leadership team.