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The EEvCarrier™: Easy, Early, and Extremely Effective

Introducing the EEvCarrier [pronounced “Eve-Carrier”] – the only blood-collection device that can accurately and easily detect any blood levels of lead and other toxic heavy metals: arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. All four of these environmental pollutants rank within the Top 10 of the 275 most hazardous substances listed in the 2017 Center for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; in fact, arsenic, lead and mercury are the top three, with exposure to lead posing the highest risk to child health specifically.

Heavy-metal poisoning can cause devastating physical and mental damage, especially in infants; our proprietary EEvCarrier™ offers a better solution for providing maximum protection for newborn babies, with minimum disruption and distress.

Super-Clean & Lead-Free

The EEvCarrier is the only screening tool using 100% metals-free filter paper – so it’s the only one that can accurately detect any blood levels of lead and other dangerous metals. Our filter paper goes through a patented pretreatment process to remove any and all metal contamination, producing super-clean filter paper and highly precise screening results.

Self-Contained & Sealed

The EEvCarrier™ is a completely self-contained blood-collection device, designed to prevent metal contamination both prior to and following blood collection. The EEvCard™ includes a built-in desiccant to absorb moisture and facilitate drying. Before and after blood collection, the card is sealed in plastic to protect the desiccant and the sample during transportation.

Simple & Seamless

The EEvCarrier™ needs just one drop of blood for accurate screening, and the sample can be collected at the same time and with the same heel-stick as the state-required newborn screening for genetic disorders. The card-based format also integrates seamlessly into existing screening programs, and facilitates shipping to the lab for analysis.

Earliest Intervention

The EEvCarrier provides the earliest possible detection of any blood lead level – in pregnant women and newborn babies. Early detection offers the opportunity for the fastest intervention – the chance to prevent devastating abnormalities and limit developmental damage due to heavy-metal poisoning with immediate treatment, so children can go on to lead healthy, productive lives.

Hurts Less & Costs Less

Because the single drop of blood the EEvCarrier collects can be acquired using the same heel-stick as the state-mandated Newborn Medical Screen or any other routine screening, the need for additional, painful blood draws is eliminated. This not only makes parents and babies happier, but also saves time and money.

Equally Effective for Adults

While the EEvCarrier™ was designed to coordinate with newborn heel-stick screenings, its ability to detect heavy metals is ageless. Young children, adults, and – importantly – pregnant women can all benefit from the easy, early lead detection the EEvCard™ provides.