Protecting The Most Vulnerable

EnMed MicroAnalytics specializes in screening newborns, infants, young children, and pregnant women for exposure to lead or other heavy metals with the ultimate in accuracy and ease- and without a blood- draw. Newborn babies and infants are at the greatest risk for lead-related health problems, including damage to their growing brains. EnMed offers the only screening tool for detecting any lead level in these most vulnerable populations – helping protect theme from physical and mental damage.

EnMed MicroAnalytics specializes in minimally invasive screening of children, adults, the elderly and others with or without underlying medical conditions for exposure to COVID-19. EnMed offers the only screening tool for detecting COVID-19 antibodies that may be self-administered.

About Us

The Mission of EnMed MicroAnalytics, Inc. (EnMed) is to make possible routine screening for certain public health and environmental problems. Toxic exposures to lead and other heavy metals contribute to tens of thousands of preventable cases of mental retardation nationwide.

Headquartered at the South Carolina Research Authority [SCRA] in Charleston , SC, the EnMed lab in certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments [CLIA], and led by Edwin Naylor, Ph.D., M.P.H., a High-Complexity CLIA-certified Lab Director.

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