The Demand for COVID-19 Antibody Testing  is about to explode

EnMed Corona Virus News
Currently, there are 2 types of COVID19 antibodies being tested -neutralizing antibodies – usually abbreviated Nab, which definitely inactivates the virus, and binding antibodies, which are often referred to simply as “antibodies,” and can prove that someone has had a COVID19 infection, but by themselves may or not confer immunity – particularly at low titer.
About 7% of patients who do get infected with COVID19 do not make much binding antibody, or any or much Nab – and it is assumed that those people are similar in some way immunologically to the bulk of the 5% or so of the population that did not get protection from the first two vaccine(s). Other vaccines coming down the road that do not use the new mRNA platform developed by Pfizer and Moderna, likely will leave more than 5% of recipients unprotected, because of low Nab production.
EnMed is establishing cut-off points within its own quantitative binding antibody screenings to flag low-titer results and then recommend follow-up Nab testing. Antibody testing also will be needed when there is an interruption in the schedule of multi-dose vaccine regimens – which often occurs in the Real World. Patients on steroids or biologics, patients with cancer and/or auto-immune disease or significant allergies also will require antibody testing to prove immunity.
In addition, it is likely that seasonal sports teams, and private colleges and universities, will want all students, players, and coaches tested this Fall and Winter, to document vaccine administration and help ensure game and dorm safety.
If 150 Million Americans are vaccinated by the end of the Second Quarter, as planned, domestic demand will be generated for at least 10 million and probably more COVID19 antibody tests to document vaccine efficacy in the above-noted high-risk populations. EnMed MicroAnalytics, Inc. currently offers both SARS-CoV-2 Saliva RT-PCR and COVID19 Antibody testing products.