4 Ways to Prevent Lead Poisoning

Whoever said, “Knowledge is power” was absolutely right. Particularly when it comes to lead poisoning. The more you know about it, the better the chances are that you will be able to prevent lead poisoning from happening in the first place. With the information below, you can be your family’s very own superhero, using knowledge as your superpower to defend your loved ones against the dangerous villain – Lead!

So toxic is lead that rules and regulations have been put into place by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding its use, removal, etc. Severe, serious health implications result from exposure to lead. Let’s take a close look at some facts about lead, lead poisoning, and how to prevent problems from occurring.

Know Where Lead Is Found

Lead can be found in workplaces and in our homes in various environmental elements. The following are ways in which it can be ingested:

  • By breathing lead dust.
  • Eating or drinking liquids or foods that have been served or stored in handmade dishes or pots containing lead.
  • Drinking water that has been contaminated by lead.

To avoid developing health issues, there are certain steps you can take to lessen the chance of exposure to lead:

  • If you are renovating, do it correctly and use renovation professionals that are certified lead safe.
  • If your home was built prior to 1978, you may wish to have any paint, pipes, etc. inspected for lead.
  • When you move into a home, inquire as to its lead inspection history. In fact, get it in writing.

Be Familiar with How Lead Poisoning and Children Go Hand in Hand

It’s a little like Murphy’s Law, but with a twist. If there is lead in your home, it’s guaranteed your child is going to find it and ingest it. Unfortunately, the nervous systems and brains of children are more susceptible to lead poisoning than are adults. Lead exposure can permanently damage your child’s nervous system and brain resulting in anemia, slowed growth, hearing problems, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and more.

First things first – to keep your child safe, make sure they eat healthy food. Next, make sure that around the home, you’ve taken precautions against lead poisoning, and that you get your child tested/screened for lead poisoning.

Be Aware of The Effects of Lead Poisoning

A person’s cardiovascular system, nervous system, and kidney function can be negatively impact by exposure to lead. In adults, reproductive problems can result. A fetus can experience developmental issues if the pregnant mother absorbs lead.

Lead Is Banned

Back in 1978, the most common cause of lead poisoning was paint containing lead. So the government banned the use of it. Unfortunately, a serious health risk is still posed because many older buildings and homes still contain lead-based products. In some states, there is a Lead Law that insists upon inspections being done in houses or rental units. These properties must have the lead removed if it is discovered.

Protect Your Family With EnMed MicroAnalytics

With no blood draws, drama, or trauma, we can test children as young as newborns for lead poisoning. With highly advanced techniques, every family can be provided with lead screening for the fastest possible health intervention. This provides the opportunity to limit developmental damage to the brains of babies and prevent fetal abnormalities resulting from lead poisoning.

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